Through the darkness I see you
In all your shining glory
I see your heart, I see your soul

I see you reach out to me
A silent scream upon your lips
I hear the agony in the words not spoken

I run to you
Tripping and falling
Trying to get to your side

The darkness closes,
your shining light dimming,
your heart and soul fading.

I reach the spot where you once were
Searching, I scream your name
I reach out to hold you

Only grabbing air..

I wish I had a desire to write.

I love you
I love you
I love you.

What does that even mean to me anymore?

You were my best friend. I shared things with you that no one else knows..and to find out you’ve been arrested for all this crazy shit.. it’s so sad. You had problems, everyone does. Why didn’t you talk to someone before you decided to fuck your entire life up? I thought you were better than that. I was proved otherwise. Stay away from drugs folks..it brings you nothing but failure.

"All you know how to do is break shit anyway."

Damn. Okay. Fuck you too.

It never calls me, love never wanted me

But I took it anyway

Loose lips sink ships~

I completed my first final today..on top of a nasty cold. When did I become an adult?

brb drowning myself in DayQuil. 😜

Probably one of my favorite two pictures ever. These two guys mean more to me than I think they even know. ❤️

Having good friends helps you realize your own self-worth. I probably would have not gotten out of the slump I was in as easily as I did without these two.

Shit happens in life that allows you to understand how important it is to appreciate every aspect of everything. I’ve been fighting an uphill battle on positivity; and to be 100% real, I can’t really remember the last time I was on edge and severely depressed like I was a few months ago.

So thank you, guys. You’ll probably never see this, or maybe ya will..who knows? I just love the hell out of my life man.

This is a happy post 😊

and I held you closer than anyone would ever get —
Death Cab For Cutie - We Looked Like Giants
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God bless the daylight, the sugary smell of springtime
Remembering when you were mine
In a still suburban town

When every thursday I’d brave those mountain passes
And you’d skip your early classes
And we’d learn how our bodies worked.

God damn the black night with all it’s foul temptation
I become what I always hated
When I was with you then —

I'm so sick of speaking words that no one understands. Is it clear enough that you can't live your whole life all alone? I can hear you in a whisper but you can't even hear me screaming...

You’re too important for anyone. You play the role of all you long to be. But I, I know who you really are. You’re the one who cries when you’re alone.

These are my words I’ve never said before

I think I’m doing okay.

This is the smile I’ve never shown before — somebody shake me because I must be sleeping.

Now that we’re here, so far away, all the struggle we thought was in vain.

All the mistakes, one life to take, they all finally start to go away.

Now that we’re here, so far away, and I feel like I can face the day.

I can’t believe I’m not ashamed to be the person that I am today.

Fuel - Falls On Me
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Fuel - Falls on Me

I might change your life
I might save my world
Could you save me?